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Clinic Cat

B.K. has been at Hillside Veterinary Clinic since a doctor picked her out of a ditch where someone had dumped her and her littermates. The initials stand for "Broken Kitty," which is what she was at the time. She spent the first two months here restricted to a kennel with a large bandage on a hind leg, as her hip was out of its socket. She made a full recovery and has been a resident ever since. We are considering changing her name to L.K. for "Lazy Kitty," as not many clients see her out of her bed.

If you’re here first thing in the morning, you might see her moving around, but it pretty much ends there. The only trick she knows is to sit on the bathroom counter where she has the staff trained to turn on the water tap for her. Please feel free to give her a pat if you see her – some awake time and movement is always good for her!