Additional Services for Your Pet

At Hillside Veterinary Clinic we are involved in all aspects of your pets health and wellness

We offer microchipping, nutritional counseling, pet insurance, nail trimming, referral services, and pet licensing to help you ensure that every aspect of your pet’s health and wellness is well cared for at every stage.


Microchipping Saves Lives!

4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet


  • Permanent pet identification
  • Best chance of recovering your pet
  • Quick and painless procedure
  • Lasts for your pet's lifetime


There is no better, permanent way of identifying your pet. A microchip inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades will act as a permanent identification for your pet. It is easy to do and is relatively painless. Most animal shelters and veterinary clinics have scanning devices that allow for the detection of your pet’s unique ID number should 

your animal go missing. Microchip companies keep a database of your contact info to help reunite you with your lost pet quickly. We highly encourage this procedure to be performed on all of our patients, particularly during an elective surgical procedure, however this can also be done in a simple office visit as easily as a vaccine. This tiny 

implant has facilitated the safe and prompt reunion of many lost pets to their loving family members.

Learn more about microchipping.



Nutritional Counseling

We believe that our pets are “what they eat”

Good nutrition is essential for good health. There are a variety of prescription diets that are formulated to address specific medical issues. These include diets for various disease processes such as obesity, kidney dysfunction, arthritis, allergic skin disease and many others. We would be pleased to discuss with you what diet would be best for your particular pet.


Free Pet Insurance Trial

With every eligible exam Hillside includes an optional pet insurance through Petsecure or Trupanion FREE of charge and there is no financial information exchanged or obligation.




Nail Trimming

Hillside Veterinary Clinic offers FREE unlimited nail trims to all patients we examine annually!

Just call ahead to schedule an appointment time with one of our fabulous Registered Vet Techs.


Veterinary Specialist Referral Services

The services offered in our clinic are quite extensive, and if your pet needs a treatment that we can’t perform here, we will gladly refer you to a specialist so that you and your furry loved one can experience a minimum of downtime.

There are many excellent pet specialty and emergency hospitals (24 hour care facilities) in our area. This gives us access to specialists in internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, among other fields. We can refer our patients to these specialty services when deemed necessary.


Pet Licensing

Licensing your pet provides them with increased chances of getting home quickly and safely in the event that they get lost.

At Hillside Veterinary Clinic, you may conveniently register your pet with the Town of Newmarket.

When licensing your pet(s) you will also receive additional discounts from participating local businesses such as Hillside Veterinary Clinic.



At Hillside vet clinic in Newmarket taking care of your pets is our pleasure and our passion.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to request an appointment.