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Jessica Joncas RVT
17 Jun, 2017

What is spaying?

Spaying, or ovariohysterectomy is a term that involves removing the uterus and ovaries. This surgical procedure is ideally done when our pets are still in puppy or kitten hood, before their first heat cycle. 

09 Mar, 2017
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Did You Know? The most common disease in cats and dogs is periodontal disease. Many pet owners don’t realize that their animals often suffer from the same dental conditions that afflict us humans. Without regular dental care, pets can suffer from red and inflamed gums, cavities and infections just like us! Studies show that dental disease is linked to a number of health problems including heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes.

29 Jul, 2015

The Heat is ON!! 7 Tips for Keeping Your HOT Dog COOL This Summer

Summer can be brutal when it comes to the heat. This makes it difficult to be outside, not just for people, but for our pets as well.  Unlike people, your cats don't have sweat glands all over their body, they rely on panting to cool down, and only sweat from their paws. Here are a few tips in helping keep your pets cool and safe during these hot summer days.

22 Jun, 2015
Just like people, dogs, cats and other animals can develop anxiety disorders. Also like people, the causes and triggers can vary widely, as can the manifestations.


Tara Holmes RVT
16 Sep, 2014

I’ve always rooted for the underdog, I have an affinity for those animals who are born with or develop physical challenges.  I am constantly surprised by their ability to adapt and move forward and find it to be quite inspirational.