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Our philosophy of care is that we believe that prevention and treatment of many medical issues can benefit from the use of diet and health supplements.

These diets include preventive diets, such as weight maintenance and dental diets, as well as diets to treat specific health conditions. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you have regarding the diets we provide.

At Hillside Veterinary Clinic we offer a wide variety of prescription diets manufactured primarily by Hill's. We have chosen to promote diets from this company as our primary diet line because they do excellent research and have many boarded veterinary nutritionists on staff.

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We also carry veterinary prescription diets from other companies such as MediCal Royal Canin, Purina, or Rayne, and are happy to special order additional diets and/or products on request.

Supplements are also used as an adjunct in treatment. As an example, we have seen our patients benefit from using glucosamine/chondroitin for arthritis and omega 3 fatty acids to help with certain skin problems. 



At Hillside Vet Clinic in Newmarket, taking care of your pets is our pleasure and our passion.


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