Laboratory Services


Laboratory tests help Hillside Veterinary Clinic assess your pet’s health

A variety of laboratory tests are used in our veterinary practice. We utilize these tests as a diagnostic tool and also as part of routine preventive care. We have on-site blood and urine testing equipment that allows for fast results and we also employ the services of a referral veterinary lab where necessary.


  • In-House Blood Testing for Faster Results and Treatment
  • In-House Urinalysis
  • Presurgical Blood Work
  • Life Stage Blood Testing
  • Heartworm and Blood Borne Parasite Testing
  • Parasite Testing (ova and parasite testing is sent out to IDEXX)
  • Cytology


We outsource lab services when necessary to present the best options for your pet’s health. Your pet’s total care is our concern.



The Importance of Blood Work for Your Pet 

Routine blood work helps uncover underlying medical problems that you and your veterinarian may not be aware of, giving valuble insights into the health of your pet and the opportinity to catch illness early.



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