Our Commitment

Your pet’s well being is our priority at Hillside Veterinary Clinic in Newmarket

At Hillside Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to provide excellent and compassionate healthcare.

Hillside Veterinary Clinic was established over 30 years ago. We are proud of our clinic and our Hillside team.  We value and encourage your input and questions so that we are able to inform and educate you about your pet’s health. We provide and discuss estimates for all of our health services.

Hillside Vet Clinic is a progressive, primary care facility that focuses on preventative medicine and lifelong wellness.

We aim to enhance the perceived value of veterinary care by providing a first-rate client experience, superior patient care, and comprehensive educational programs.

The veterinary healthcare team has a common goal: to ensure clients and their pets have a comfortable and positive experience with each and every visit, getting all of the respect and compassion deserved.

We are your local veterinarian in Newmarket and we want to get to know you better.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request an appointment.