Pet Dental Care


Your pet’s dental health should not be neglected as good oral health contributes to their overall wellness

Because we care about every aspect of your pet’s health, Hillside Veterinary Clinic in Newmarket provides dentistry services for pets including oral examinations, dental x-rays, cleaning, and extractions.


Oral Examinations

pet dental careOur initial assessment is a look at your pet’s teeth and gums. We are then able to determine if there is significant gum inflammation, obvious fractured teeth and/or loose teeth, large amounts of tartar accumulation, oral tumours, etc.

What we can’t always determine is if there are deep periodontal pockets or tooth issues beneath the accumulated tartar build up and/or beneath the gum line. Also, our patients are not always cooperative and sometimes our assessments have to be brief and there may be underlying dental concerns we can’t detect.

The second oral exam occurs while our patients are under full anesthesia so we can have a detailed look at each tooth and its supporting structures. All our findings are charted for our records.

Below are copies of our feline and canine dental charts.

Canine Dental Cart
Feline Dental Chart


The following are included in our oral examinations:

  • Full Mouth Assessment
  • Dental Scale and Polish (above and below the gum line)
  • Dental Extractions When Necessary
  • Oral nerve blocks (freezing) and pain management
  • Home Care Products & Education (brushing techniques, dental diets, appropriate oral care treats and products, etc.)


Dental Prophylaxis

Just as we have a hygienist clean our teeth, we do the same for our patients. We clean all teeth above and below the gum line to remove the accumulated tartar and then polish the teeth surfaces.


               BEFORE                                               AFTER

Pre Dental Prophy
Post Dental Prophy


Dental X-Rays

These allow us to assess the internal tooth structure and surrounding bone to determine whether there are abscesses, bone loss, etc. and help us determine whether extraction is necessary.


Dental Xray
Tooth Resorption - Dental Xray
Tooth Rooth Abscess - Dental Xray
Tooth Rooth Abscess - Dental Xray


Dental Extractions

When necessary, we extract teeth. Usually, this is due to severe periodontal disease where the teeth become mobile and the surrounding gum tissue is inflamed and painful. The other common reason for extraction is fractured teeth. In these cases, the teeth are not mobile and we often have to perform oral surgery to extract them. In dogs, the roots of the teeth are much longer than in humans. In cats, we often get tooth resorption and the tooth and roots are often very brittle. It is important to remove all the tooth and roots so a dental x-ray is necessary to determine the degree of tooth destruction. Prior to extractions, we administer local nerve blocks and send our patients home with medications to control pain.

Oral assessment and treatment are always recommended as part of your pets overall care.

The picture below illustrates a slab fracture of the canine carnasial tooth. This type of injury can occur from your pet chewing on hard objects such as rawhide bones, rocks etc. and can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort and potentially lead to infection most commonly know as a tooth root abscess.  As a result, this tooth will require extraction.


K9 Slab Fracture with Pulp Exposure
Slab Fracture With Pulp Exposure

Dental  Home Care Regime



Effective brushing is the foundation of proper oral care.You can make a real difference in your pet's oral health and overall wellness. Visit the following link for 4 easy tips on how to be successful with brushing your pet's teeth.

How to Brush Guide    















Oral Health pet food is an easy and effective way to maintain your pet's oral health between dental cleanings.


Oral Care


VOHC authorizes the use of the VOHC Registered Seal on products intended to help prevent plaque and tartar on the teeth of animals.


Regular use of these products will reduce the severity of periodonatal disease in your pet. 




Virbac CET® VeggieDent® Chews for Dogs, all sizes.