Physical Exams


Visit our vet clinic every year for your pet’s annual physical examination

An annual physical exam is the most important part of your pet’s ongoing health care. It allows us to identify any underlying health issues your pet may have. Early detection and treatment often leads to a more successful (and less expensive) outcome.

Since you know your pet better than anyone, we work in partnership with you to obtain a thorough history. This is followed by a comprehensive physical exam.

Senior exams are just as important as puppy and kitten check-ups. We provide you with the knowledge on how to transition your loved one into his or her senior years. When warranted, we may suggest additional tests. We discuss our findings and suggested treatment plans with you, including estimated costs.

The Importance of a Yearly Physical Exam

An annual physical exam is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, happy, and long life for your pet. Since animals age faster than people do and can't communicate when they are not feeling well, your veterinarian will gain valuable insights into the health of your pet. 



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