Surgery & Anesthesia


The Hillside Veterinary Clinic performs pet surgeries with the utmost of care

We offer spaying and neutering of pets, as well as dental and soft tissue surgery (lump removals, laceration repairs, gastrointestinal/exploratory abdominal surgery, bladder surgery, etc).

Your pet is a member of your family, so if your dog or cat needs to have surgery, we understand that it is difficult for everyone. Our compassion and the quality of our surgical care will help to ease you through it. We help you understand what’s happening and we provide comprehensive post-operative take-home instructions to help you care for your pet when you get home.

We’ll make your pet comfortable in every way possible, including:

  • We use current anesthesia protocols, and the drugs we use today are a lot safter than the ones used years ago.
  • A trained technician monitors your pets' vital signs (heart, breathing, depth of anesthesia, comfort levels) at all times.
  • Our electronic equipment constantly monitors heart rate, EKG, blood pressure, carbon dioxide levels, and blood oxygenation for the entire procedure.
  • We use a warm air blanket to keep your pet's core body temperature from dropping under anesthesia.
  • Intravenous fluids support your pet's organ function and blood pressure under anesthesia, and helps your pet recover faster. This is mandatory for all patients except young healthy spays and neuters.
  • Pain management to ensure your pet is comfortable and relaxed.
  • A warm soft bed to wake up in, and when your pet is awake enough we offer a small amount of canned food.

We always keep you well informed on your pet’s progress because we believe in constant communication.


Dr. Chandler Performing Surgery

Our electronic monitor, surgery suite, and recovery kennel

Patient Anesthesia Monitor
Patient Anesthesia Monitor
Surgical Suite
Patient Recovery Haven



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